Difference Between Enrollment Codes and Verification Codes

Information on enrollment and verification codes

We offer two different types of codes on our site. The first one we are going to discuss is an enrollment code.

An enrollment code can be provided to you by your employer or in some cases provided by us. An enrollment code is tied to a specific course and waves the fee associated with it when entered. With enrollment codes you will be prompted to enter one when enrolling in a course as usual. Once you do you will be enrolled in the course with no charge made to you account.


Verification codes are a little different. A verification code is also provided by us or by an employer but rather than waving the fee of a specific course it allows you to take any course on a specific campus free of charge. A verification code is entered in your user profile found here. As long as a verification code is still active it only needs to be entered the one time in your user profile.