Imaging Campus

Includes Required Annual Compliance Education

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An Imaging Campus (Group Training) has all the Required Annual Compliance education for staff that work in or around Healthcare Medical Imaging Centers. This education meets the annual education requirements described by the ACR and The Joint Commission.
A Campus includes required education for:
- MRI Safety
- CT Dose Education
- Radiation Safety
Over 200+ hours of accredited CE ARRT education, enabling your team to meet ARRT education requirements
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CE Credit and Compliance Tracking

The CE Wallet is an easy way to keep track of you compliance and continuing education creditsand expiration dates. Courses taken on AltusLearn Network are automatically added to your CE Wallet. Courses taken outside the AltusLearn Network can also be tracked. Depending on the selection of ‘Credits Needed’ field in your User Profile settings, you can receive automatic alerts when a particular course credit is about to expire. There is also a color coded system that visually identifies the status of a course